General Questions

    This add-on allows you to display announcement banners/dialogs in your Confluence Cloud instance.

    Announcements are shown as a summary list on the main Confluence Dashboard, as well as announcement dialogs that show on all Confluence pages
    Confluence itself doesn't have true announcements support. It does expose a common header and footer element that an admin set, but these only support basic markup without any additional functionality.

    In comparison, the Simple Announcement addon allows having multiple announcements active, scheduling of announcements, as well as easily changing the visuals.

    Additionionally, the way Confluence currently shows the header can be a bit confusing, as it shows beneath the breadcrumb of a page, thus making it look like the announcement is actually part of the page itself, instead of being separate.
    An administrator is allowed to create announcements in the plugin. These announcements will then show up as a popup dialog the first time a Confluence users sees an announcement.

    Once a user dismisses an announcement, the same announcement won't show again, unless it's changed.
    The data for the announcements is stored on our end (database & filesystem). As such, we don't store anything inside of your Confluence instance, and we handle backups for you.

    If you uninstall the plugin, we automatically delete the data we stored for you within 48 hours.

    For each announcement you make, we store the following:
    • titlem, body, icon, and type of the announcement
    • start & end date (if applicable)
    • project id the announcement belongs to (if applicable)
    • accountId of the user that created the announcement
    • accountId of each user that has read the announcement and acknowledged it

    NOTE: We do not store any usernames, emails, project names, or other data from your Confluence instance.
    Not at all.

    Once you've installed the addon via the Atlassian Marketplace, you will see a new "Manage Announcemnets" item in the main Confluence navigation sidebar. Simply visit that screen, and start adding announcements.

    For more detailed steps, take a look at our documentation
    Absolutely not.

    Announcements use the same Atlassian Rich Text editor that Jira and Confluence already use. (albeit without all the fancy macros). It's a WYSIWYG editor, and you simply type in it, and do any formatting through a convenient toolbar.

    This happens automatically when you create an announcement.
    We currently track which user has read an announcement and acknowledged it. There is no way to see that data as of yet, but this is a feature that is coming soon. Sometime in Q1 of 2019, we will add new screens for admins to see the list of users that have read an announcement.
    Of course!

    You can create multiple announcements and have them active at the same time. The same counts for scheduled announcements as well. The addon will always grab the first announcement a user needs to see, and then once the user has acknowledged it, we automatically load the next announcement until all of the active ones have been shown to the user. Thus, users only deal with 1 announcement at a time, but all the announcements are shown one after another.
    Not yet.

    We are however actively investigating adding space-level announcements and hope to have something in production in Q1 2019. If this is something you currently need, please feel free to reach out to us, as we would be happy to understand your particular use-case in more detail.
    Not yet.

    We are however actively working on creating persistent banners that are always visible and hope to have something in production in Q1 2019.