Announcements in your Confluence Cloud

    Simple Announcements provides a better, and richer way to display announcements compared to the Confluence built-in header.

    Easy Creation of Announcements

    Announcements are easy to create using a Rich Text editor (similar to the one Confluence already uses). No need to learn new markup.

    Different types of Announcements

    Simple Announcements is starting with 2 different styles. An informational and an urgent announcement, each with its own style to convey different urgency. More types to come soon.

    Schedule Announcements

    Schedule your announcements to start sometime in the future, and/or to end on a specific day. Ideal for time-specific information.

    Track Read-Receipts

    Simple Announcements automatically tracks read receipts, and provides a way to review who has already seen an announcement.

    Manage visibility

    Decide whether you want to show your Announcements to public users or only logged in users.


    • Info Announcement

    • Urgent Announcement

    • Dashboard Widget

    • Create Announcements


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